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Indegene drives digital transformation for a global pharmaceutical leader’s web properties

The Customer
The customer is a leading global pharmaceutical company that focuses on advanced healthcare product research, development, and manufacturing. They wanted to create a unified online presence that reflected their commitment to innovation and excellence, and ensured consistent branding and user experience.
Migrating the existing corporate and local market websites from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 while preserving content integrity and functionality
Unifying the variations in design and layout in the current Drupal 7–based websites to ensure a cohesive and modern appearance for users
Shifting to a reusable, component based development approach that would help speed time to market
Updating old newsletter and site search functionalities that did not match current market standards
Localizing websites required individual customization to cater to local markets, and this necessitated significant time and resource allocation
The Solution
The Indegene team crafted a meticulous migration plan to transition the Drupal 7 websites to Drupal 9, encompassing content, design, and functionality while minimizing disruption
The design of the Drupal 9 websites was upgraded to provide a unified and modern look and feel that aligned with the customer’s brand guidelines and ensured consistency across all markets
A reusable container-based approach was employed in order to make future websites and web-based projects easier to execute
Market-specific requirements, such as language translations, localized content, and regional regulatory compliance, were implemented to cater to the needs of each target market
Rigorous testing and quality assurance processes were employed to ensure a seamless migration of content, preserving data integrity and functionality
The newsletter system and site search functionalities were enhanced, offering improved user engagement, better search capabilities, and streamlined content delivery
This large-scale transformation project not only facilitated the modernization of the customer’s corporate and local market websites but also positioned them for future growth. The revamped infrastructure and design helped the customer scale their online presence and enter new markets. It also helped the customer swiftly deploy both global and local content efficiently across diverse markets. The enhanced website ensured that end customers enjoyed an unparalleled user experience, solidifying the company’s position as an industry leader.
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