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Indegene helps a global pharma giant improve HCP engagement with an innovative web and mobile platform​

The Customer

A multinational pharmaceutical giant was looking to build a centralized information repository that could inform and engage healthcare professionals (HCPs) across diverse geographies and specialties by providing free access to relevant content. The client recognized the strategic importance of engaging both existing and new HCPs and keeping them informed of the latest developments in medical and scientific research. To address this need, Indegene collaborated with the client to conceptualize, create, and maintain a knowledge management web portal and mobile application platform.


  • HCPs lacked access to current medical updates and information relevant to their respective fields of practice.​

    Effectively engaging HCPs was difficult due to various factors including generic content, busy schedules, etc.​

    The previous system did not include user authentication, and there was no mechanism to restrict access to registered HCPs only.​

The Solution

We developed a cutting-edge web and mobile application platform with a modern, responsive UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) built on HTML5.​

Educational content, such as journals and e-books, was updated and published in real-time.​

A customized Trending Dashboard was provided to allow doctors of specific specialties to easily access the most viewed content while on the go.​

With interactive case-solving scenarios, HCPs were offered virtual engagement opportunities that authentically simulated the challenges they may face in real-life clinical settings.​


The introduction of this new web and mobile platform revolutionized the client’s approach to engaging with their HCP user base. By providing a centralized location for comprehensive medical resources such as patient cases, journals, e-books, webinars, news, clinical guidelines, and a global conference calendar, HCPs were afforded a content-rich, seamlessly mobile experience that they could access from anywhere. The platform equips HCPs with the latest medical information, empowering them with the ability to leverage the latest resources in their clinical practice, ultimately resulting in better patient outcomes.


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