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Indegene helps a large biotech leapfrog the digital maturity curve ​

The Customer

One of the world’s largest global biotech organization serving millions of patients world wide and deeply rooted in science and innovation to transform new ideas and discoveries into medicines for patients with serious illness


  • Fragmented marketing operations across markets and brands​

    Ineffective and non-dynamic marketing campaigns which could not be scaled​

    Non-standardized and varied maturity in the way client was engaging with their customers across markets​

    Limited to no metrics’ tracking hurting ability for content personalization​

The Solution

We established a multi-Channel service center for end-to-end marketing operations (content production hub, cross channel orchestration and activation, digital enablement, automation) which was modular to roll-out capabilities across markets. This model was designed to function at the intersection of effective and intelligent operations with a combination of people, industry leading setup, and solution accelerators, yet achieving compliance.

We executed a tech-enabled scale-up with (i) NEXT Content Collaboration to drive collaboration through digital asset lifecycle, (ii) NEXT Campaign Management to build, launch, manage and optimize campaigns, (iii) NLP-driven automated content creation, and (iv) AI/ML-enabled Next Best Action Recommendation for customer engagement.


The client was able to transform marketing operations into a standardized, insights-driven, self-service based model, establish a joint incubation center, and drive adoption across 31 markets, thus making them future ready. They scaled from 700 to 2100 assets in a year with solution accelerators, 56% increase in global content reuse and 33% faster time to market while saving 26% agency cost, 50% decrease in data enablement licensing cost, and 86% reduction in campaign cost per touch point.

They achieved 95% review accuracy, freed marketer bandwidth by 18%, reduced project management cycle time by 30%, and 40% reduction in time through automated operations. They also witnessed a permanent increase in share of voice of customers, employees, and business.


Increase in global content reuse


Faster time to market


Reduction in campaign cost per touchpoint