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Indegene helps a new brand acquire pre-launch customer insights ​

The Customer

A joint venture between a US and a European pharma organization to launch a new brand. The new drug is a prescription medicine given with lenalidomide to treat adults with certain types of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.


  • Brand was not yet launched and required an analytics plan built from scratch to enable data-driven decision making ​

    The existing tag management system was non-standardized and incomprehensive ​

    Missing channel insights made it difficult to track campaign performance​

    Reporting setup was not centralized and resources were underutilized ​

The Solution

We established a standard governance process across channels and standardized documentation across all the stakeholders. Database and web analytics processes were setup to enhance communication and setup a KPI alignment process with external stakeholders. We standardized the Extract Transform Load process to generate daily, weekly and monthly insight reports using automated Tableau dashboards and an automated data pipeline via the Alteryx workbench tool alongside Indegene's native API connectors.


The customer was able to run data-driven campaigns supported right from the launch of the new brand, with clear measurement of impact built into their campaign infrastructure


Derived from advanced analytics


Engagement of customers


A single source of truth for data storage