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Indegene maximizes market positioning, for a US pharma manufacturer, within a competitive market landscape ​

The Customer

The Customer is a small to mid-sized US pharmaceutical company which engages in research, development, and commercialization of human therapeutic products


The customer was preparing to launch a new product in a competitive landscape and was looking to

  • Maximize positioning in a competitive market landscape​

    Understand volume and access contribution, and selectively contract to improve access and utilization management (UM)​

    Form a strategy to attain formulary access for the new product​

    Develop a net price strategy to create contract guidelines and assess gross-to-net​

The Solution

We approached the analysis of third-party formulary access and utilization data by segmenting payers according to their willingness to manage products and the size of the opportunity​

We targeted critical payers (80-90% segment volume) in major segments, and assessed absolute and relative performance based on metrics like market share and rejection rate. The data analytics was then used to create contract guidelines for each channel, segment, and subsegment ​

We then utilized contract guidelines to develop a five-year gross-to-net model using channel and payer mix for commercial and government payers, including discounts.​


The client was able to plan better by setting differential net price guidelines by payer channel and type and size of the opportunity. They were able to identify key payer accounts with both value and the ability to control product access in a competitive market. The net price guidance enabled the client to achieve target access at better than expected gross to net impact