Who We Are
Investor Relations

Indegene raises awareness and diagnoses rare diseases faster ​

The Customer

Client is a global pharmaceutical company with a vision to explore new ways to improve and extend people’s lives with commitment to deliver better products. The client wanted to commercialize a molecule for treating auto inflammatory rare-diseases in children, which had little awareness among HCPs and patients


  • Lack of awareness about congenital auto-inflammatory rare disease and its symptoms resulting in slow diagnosis, long patient journeys, and low prescriptions​

    Inability in identifying right patients due to small patient population​

    Capture untapped market potential in whitespace to accelerate growth​

The Solution

Segmented audience by specialties, discovered therapy areas not covered by client and identified 30,000 potential HCPs to target

Targeted 12,393 high digital affinity HCPs through integrated omnichannel strategy

Developed channel and content mix using insights from Indegene’s proprietary AI powered HCP Smart Profile

Personalized patient journeys created for faster enrollment driven by Indegene NEXT HCP Journey Optimization

Improved awareness that helped identify patients and improve writing behaviors of whitespace HCPs


Increased awareness about rare diseases, symptoms, and faster ways to diagnose through multiple campaigns for HCPs and patients/caregivers

Achieved 38% engagement rate where 497 HCPs showing deeper engagement levels and loyalty

$80 million revenue impact in the span of 2.5 years at 15% cost of sales and marketing

$80 million

Revenue impact in 2.5 years


Cost of sales


New HCPs identified