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Indegene shortens response time and improves process compliance for case submission​

The Customer

A global pharma organization operating in 20+ countries needed to speed up the response time for late case resolution and reduce process deviations of case submissions. The client was facing efficiency losses as email was used as the primary channel for communication among teams. Further, the case processing involved manual mechanisms that led to delays in resolution. In order to streamline this process, they needed a central hub of document sharing and collaboration.


  • Primitive and manual process for sending and resolution of late cases​

    Manual tracking of cases causing delayed responses from stakeholders​

    Need for sending reminder emails and clarifications after case submission​

    Error in tracking delays due to missed communications or discrepant data due to the use of a static MS Word form​

The Solution

Indegene developed a comprehensive SharePoint solution by leveraging its industry specific modular development approach to meet the user requirements​

The team implemented the solution across 15+ countries, reviewed various integration aspects, and identified process improvement areas for case submission and document sharing.​

We also provided a SharePoint based global dashboard to view all late cases based on role and urgency.The dashboard displayed the case form and its concerns, so that users could modify and update the status of late cases.​

The dashboard was equipped with the following features – ​

Searching and filtering that made it simple to narrow down the late cases based on role​

Separate permissions and access based on user roles - Case owner, case leads, deviation owners, and admin users.​

Notifications and reminder features were enabled to ensure stakeholder compliance​


An cohesive centralized hub for collection, storage, and enabling case management helped in improving the client’s case processing load and late case resolutions. The customer reported reduced manual errors and there was better compliance of case submission with higher traceability and reporting.


late cases processed


users onboarded for late case submission

50% ↑

stakeholder compliance reported