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Indegene streamlines patient enrollment for a large pharmaceutical organization​

The Customer

A large pharmaceutical organization wanted to improve drug access and provide patient support services for patients in the United States (US) with previously limited treatment options. The existing offline, paper-driven, and mostly informal consent process followed to enroll patients to support programs was inefficient, leading to costly delays and increased cancellations.


  • Substantial administrative and financial burdens on healthcare professionals (HCPs), as they were required to spend more time with patients to complete the enrollment process. This resulted in reduced patient volumes and increased financial strain.​

    Missing information, including patient authorization, was very common, leading to delays in patient onboarding and necessitated additional follow-ups.​

    Manual data entry and high amounts of communication needed per enrollment slowed patient intake rates and created a poor customer experience across patients, HCPs, and office staff.​

The Solution

We designed and developed a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant electronic solution to capture patient/HCP/pharmacist consent remotely and at their own convenience, minimizing administrative burdens and frequency of communication.​

Multichannel integration allowed the capture of patient consent through email and text message.​

Scalability of the solution ensured that the patient enrollment process was transformed to be faster, automated, and free of human errors.​

The new solution was launched in the US, with a strong possibility of expanding globally.​


Our new platform improves the information capture and consent process by making it paperless and automated. The platform automatically sends reminders via regular email and text notifications, and ensures that any missing patient profile and consent information are collected efficiently and on time. The new platform was also designed with security at its core, ensuring full compliance with HIPAA regulations, integration with DocuSign and Adobe eSign, and featuring multifactor authentication. Additionally, the platform is scalable, dynamic, and also flexible, allowing it to be redeployed to solve similar challenges across the organization.


Faster patient onboarding


Reduction in abandoned enrollment

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