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Indegene’s PSP Drives >80% Medicine Repurchase Rate for Top 5 Pharma​

The Customer

The customer is a leading pharma company focused on improving clinical outcomes in patients by developing and commercializing innovative therapies. It wanted a partner to design and operationalize innovative patient support programs (PSPs) that could improve medicine access, affordability, and adherence among patients suffering from conditions such as heart failure, cancer, retinal disorders, and so on.


  • Complex financial roadblocks limiting medication access and affordability coupled with subpar medication adherence leading to undesired side effects and poor outcomes​

    Limited awareness about treatment efficacy and side effects among patients​

    Operational challenges in administering programs catering to diverse therapeutic areas, resulting in a disjointed patient experience​

The Solution

Indegene organized awareness clinics and webinars coupled with tele- and inperson counselling services to educate patients and caregivers. To enhance treatment affordability, we collaborated with private and government funding bodies to formulate innovative financial schemes and reimbursement systems.

We then devised a digital PSP mobile app to improve symptom monitoring and boost therapy adherence. We also collaborated with online pharmacies to create an order management system, which ensured easy medicine procurement and delivery.

Finally, we initiated robust adverse events reporting and reconciliation processes coupled with source data verification (SDV) for all the PSPs to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines.


Indegene designed and administered 19 PSPs across 32 medicine brands and 12 therapeutic areas to deliver impact to 1,50,000 patients spread across 6000+ hospitals/clinics. We drove > 70% therapy persistence within 10 months of treatment onset by working closely with 10,000+ HCPs and 200+ counselors.

By leveraging our deep domain knowledge and technical expertise, we helped the client deliver a rich PSP experience that yielded a high satisfaction score from HCPs and patients alike.


patients enrolled onto the PSPs


therapy persistence achieved in 10 months


repurchase rate achieved across 32 medicine brands