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Indegene’s PSP facilitates 85% therapy compliance among cancer patients​

The Customer

The customer is a global pharma company with a growing portfolio of 1400 approved molecules across diverse therapeutic areas. It wanted to design and deliver an innovative patient support program (PSP) to improve medication access and compliance in patients with cancer.


  • A traditional one-size-fits-all approach to PSPs that does not cater to specific patient needs resulting in a subpar patient experience​

    Lack of counseling capabilities to resolve therapy-related queries and support patients as they undergo their cancer treatment​

    Inadequate insurance coverage that leads to significant out of pocket expenses and lmits patient access to innovative cancer therapies​

The Solution

Indegene established on-site capabilities at hospitals and clinics to provide counseling support and enroll patients with high-grade or metastatic cancers. We then devised innovative financial schemes to enhance drug affordability and instituted a validation process to verify patient eligibility before onboarding them to the program.

We also initiated tele-support capabilities to provide therapy reminders, ensure timely drug and cytotoxic support, and facilitate medication dispatch and delivery. Finally, we conducted caregiver support group meetings for experience sharing and motivation to improve patient adherence.


Indegene’s innovative PSP enabled the client to deliver value to 4000+ cancer patients spread across 900 hospitals by enhancing the affordability of innovative therapies and providing a superior patient experience at every touchpoint in their journey.


patients enrolled onto the program


therapy compliance achieved in 9 months


repurchase rate achieved across 6 oncology brands