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Omnichannel lead generation campaign drives brand awareness and growth for specialty diagnostic test

Challenges and Objectives

Challenges: needed to overcome a lack of awareness and perceived reimbursement issues

Objectives: engage with HCPs, qualify sales leads with providers that demonstrate an interest and willingness to consider the brand offering, and drive marketing qualified leads

The Solution

Leveraged proprietary IP to create an omnichannel campaign for sales lead generation that identified, segmented, and targeted general nephrologists

Developed a process to qualify sales leads with certified profiling/qualifying questions to evaluate target HCPs

Utilized virtual sales representatives (VSRs) to engage directly with HCPs and deliver qualified leads to the client’s marketing and sales teams

Three promotional channels were activated for the campaign and all KPIs were well above benchmarks

Programmatic Banner Ads (optimized imaging increased HCP engagement)

Emails (rigorous A/B testing and new content fostered greater HCP engagement

VSR (direct engagement with HCP offices)



achievement of program target sales lead goal


detailed HCPs converted to qualified triaged leads


increase in sales activity after leads were provided

Program Highlights

Achieved 125% of total qualified sales lead goal

All qualified leads required HCP to agree to sales detail

VSR avg. of 180 weekly call attempts and detail rate of 150% vs. internal benchmark

Engagements with assets drove HCP call priority

Reached 3x higher rate of digital banner ad CTR vs. industry benchmark

Email open rates were 4x greater and click rates were 40% higher than benchmark

Qualified Sales Leads for Client
Programmatic Click through Rate (CTR)