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Top pharma enterprise automates regulatory and competitive intelligence​

The Customer

A leading global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Germany. The company’s key areas of interest are respiratory diseases, metabolism, immunology, oncology and diseases of the central nervous system.


  • Huge manual effort and time needed to gather regulatory and competitive information from various external sources in the public domain ​

    Delay in timely actionable insights, led to delays in regulatory submissions​

    Information configuration into internal knowledge center was time consuming, requiring intensive domain expertise and technical support​

The Solution

We deployed our proprietary platform, NEXT Regulatory Intelligence, to streamline clients' existing data lakes. Using the AI engine, client was able to automate information classification and curation based on training data sets, component tagging and data lake creation.

We also set up an internal Knowledge Management (KM) hub to disseminate information to multiple stakeholders, both through the in-house portal as well as periodic newsletters. The repository also enabled client teams to interpret policy and regulatory information.


Indegene was able to automate and drive efficiencies for the client in regulatory and competitive intelligence gathering, configuration, and dissemination using our proprietary AI engine, NEXT Regulatory Intelligence

Using the solution the client was able to see substantial improvement in turn-around times and success rates for regulatory submissions to health authorities


Time saved in information gathering

40% ↓

Turnaround time for submissions

50% ↑

Submission success rates to authorities