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How to design an effective campaign strategy with advanced analytics​

Executive Summary
As Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) become increasingly digital-savvy, life sciences organizations are tasked with scaling their brand’s presence across multiple online and offline channels – all while ensuring a seamless experience that acknowledges the previous touchpoints along the customer journey (in other words, creating an omnichannel experience).
An effective omnichannel strategy is one where the customer‘s behavior dictates the next thing they see. As a result, every customer has a unique and more personalized experience.
For the most effective outcomes, life sciences organizations must:
Leveraging all existing and new channels of promotions (tailored to suit every HCP‘s preference)
Develop relevant content for promotions, and orchestrate channels to find the right mix (using closed-loop feedback techniques)

Set up an integrated omnichannel KPI reporting framework

In this article, we share a step-by-step approach to designing an analytics-driven omnichannel campaign. Download our infographic to learn more!
Design an effective campaign visual


Peeush Goel
Peeush Goel
Peeush Goel

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