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Hyper-personalizing omnichannel engagements with advanced analytics​

Executive Summary
Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) today demand better experiences from pharmaceutical organizations. They expect responsiveness, relevance, and consistency in messaging. When these expectations are not met, pharmaceutical organizations risk losing all or most of their customer mindshare. According to a recent study, more than half of the HCPs surveyed indicated that they are overwhelmed by promotional pharma content. In addition, nearly three-fourths of them have also admitted that they feel that pharma representatives do not fully understand their requirements.1 Experiences like these can take engagement levels to all-time lows, leading to broken customer experiences and hurting the brand's reputation. And in this age of fleeting brand loyalty, improving HCP engagements is the only way to sustain your growth for the long haul.
The need of the hour is for pharmaceutical organizations to create hyper-personalized omnichannel experiences that are consistent, personalized, and engaging – sending HCPs on a seamless journey that is contextually relevant and uninterrupted. With the right data-driven strategy and a robust analytical framework, omnichannel efforts can help pharmaceutical organizations achieve up to a 30% increase in HCP engagement and up to a 20% increase in annual sales conversions. In this infographic, we highlight 8 steps to design an effective omnichannel engagement strategy using advanced data and analytics.




Arvind Dakhera
Arvind Dakhera
Vidhan Biyani
Vidhan Biyani