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Indegene Fact Sheet​

We are a technology-led healthcare solutions provider

We combine deep industry expertise with fit-for-purpose technology in an agile and scalable operating model. Many of the leading, global healthcare organizations rely on us to deliver effective and efficient clinical, medical and commercial outcomes every day. From strategy to execution, we enable healthcare organizations be future ready.

Healthcare organizations face unique challenges

<7% Participants complete clinical trials
28% Of revenue is invested in sales and marketing
1 in 3 HCPs are not satisfied with their experience

That’s why our purpose matters

To enable healthcare organizations be future ready

Our vision is

To be the trusted partner to healthcare organizations for improved health outcomes

Here's how we can help you

Bold Vision build capabilities, culture
Accelerate and scale up outcomes
Personalize experience

We bring 20+ years of healthcare expertise and technology to deliver outcomes that matter

Clinical Regulatory Safety Medical Affairs Marketing and Customer Experience
Product LifecycleCo-Commercialization
ConsultingDigital Transformation | Customer Experience | Co-Commercialization
Patient Recruitment
Clinical Data Management
Regulatory Intelligence and Market Strategy
Regulatory Intelligence and Market Strategy
Packaging Artwork Management
Regulatory Writing
Regulatory Submissions Management
Clinical Trial Disclosures
Literature and Social Media Monitoring
Signal Detection and Management
Risk Management Aggregate
Reports Writing
Health Economics and Outcomes Research
Market Access and Pricing
Prior Authorization Analytics
Medical Excellence
Medical Information Management
Medical Communication and Publications
Material Review and Compliance
Medical Science Liaison
HCP Contracting
Learning and Development
Market Access and Pricing
Automated Modular Content
Omnichannel Marketing Operations
Patient Support
NEXT Clinical Trials Design
NEXT Regulatory Intelligence
NEXT Label Lifecycle Automation
NEXT Regulatory Submissions Planning
NEXT HA Query Management
NEXT Label Lifecycle Automation
NEXT Adverse Events Management
NEXT Medical Information
NEXT MLR Review Automation
NEXT Commercial Content Intelligence
NEXT Content Collaboration
NEXT Campaign Collaboration
NEXT Digital Asset Management
NEXT HCP Journey Optimization
NEXT HCP Engagement
NEXT Patient Engagement
AnalyticsDigital Market Intelligence | Forecasting | Patient Analytics | Omnichannel HCP Analytics | Commercial Operations Analytics
OutcomesFaster Peak Revenue | Effective and Efficient Operations | Regulatory Compliance | Personalized Customer Experience | Improved Digital Maturity

Here are just a few outcomes we delivered

Clinical trial participants qualified
Hours saved in regulatory operations
Assets approved in first round of MLR review
Higher global content reuse
Less time to insights from patient analytics

We celebrate entrepreneurship to customize solutions

$2 billion Revenue under management
1.75 million Medical and commercial assets
750 Global healthcare brands’ trust