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Indegene's KOL Management​

Personalize KOL engagement through technology

KOL management is a time-consuming and resource-intensive task in most healthcare companies. KOL engagement visibility is restricted to a regional level and requires manual intervention to track the activities. In addition, the biggest challenge is monitoring the effectiveness of our interaction with KOLs. As a solution, Indegene's KOL Management service helps organizations develop a better understanding of KOLs, provide detailed visibility on the history of engagements, and tracking of our efforts toward them.

KOL management has unique challenges

KOL identification Who are the relevant KOLs? Who are the upcoming KOLs?
Engagement tracking What and how frequent are the engagements? Are all verticals receiving equal KOL interest?
KOL utilization Are my engagements effective?

Indegene’s smart KOL management supports

Map KOLs KOLs are ranked by specialty and geography. Learn who are the rising stars through Indegene’s propriety AI-profiling algorithms.
Maintain KOL engagements Monitor events and engagements of KOLs. Learn talking points and interests from advanced analytics
Measure effectiveness Dashboards on the effort expended, responses garnered, and resource utilization are measured to ensure effectiveness.

With Automatic Collation Of Data

Our experience in KOL management

10+ Therapy areas
8 Geographies
10,000+ Profiled HCPs
6,000+ Identified KOLs