Who We Are
Investor Relations

Emerging Biotech

Develop and commercialize your product with an experienced partner

Emerging biotech innovators are constrained by


as commercialization costs typically require $50-100 million every year


as large company partnerships often yield strategic brand control

Deal structures

with pharma companies result in forfeiture of majority revenue stream


emerging biotech companies with products in phase 2 or phase 3


molecules approved by FDA in next 5 years to come from emerging biotechs


of recent product launches underperformed sales forecasts

What we do

Maximize your revenue potential with a growth-oriented partner

Prioritize development

Focus on building revenue and growing your brand with a custom-tailored, integrated solution across the product lifecycle

Retain ownership of your innovation

Retain control over your IP and revenue with a trusted partner to take your product to market successfully that scales as you grow

Access specialists on-demand

Optimize your business with ready access to a pool of industry and medical experts with institutional knowledge in your therapeutic area

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