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Mastering Pharmaceutical Brand Planning Through Omnichannel Activation

16 May 2024
Brand planning is more than a foundational strategy—it's a dynamic, ongoing process that drives market success. At Indegene, we understand that effectively reaching and engaging key customer segments is crucial to a brand’s success. We've outlined several essential dos and don'ts in pharmaceutical brand planning while emphasizing the importance of having a strong Omnichannel Activation strategy.
1. The first step in effective brand planning is to identify the right target segments
Do: Consider multiple relevant dimensions like prescription behavior, brand adoption ladder, competitor/market writing, channel affinity, and market access to identify your brand's appropriate target customers.
Don't: Give equal weightage to all HCPs and all dimensions. Prioritize basis the brand objectives, therapy area, market dynamics, and stage of the product lifecycle.
2. Build a thorough understanding of the target segments
Do: Build a deep understanding of your target customer segments. It is fundamental to know who your customers are - not just demographically but also their needs, preferences, and behaviors.
Don't: Assume a one-size-fits-all approach will work. The diverse healthcare landscape requires tailored strategies to effectively reach different segments.
3. Identify opportunities in your target customers’ micro-moments
Do: Develop a customer decision journey and identify pain points and micro-moments to uncover opportunities for targeted solutions.
Don't: Skip this step. Without understanding the customer pain-points, solutions may not resonate with the target customers.
4. Create a fit-for-purpose messaging journey
Do: Discover the central pain points that the target segment aims to address and then craft a suitable messaging strategy.
Don’t: Fit key messages to the journey. HCP needs and preferences are constantly evolving and so is their journey. Study the journey to create suitable messaging.
5. Craft the right channel mix to engage customers across different segments
Do: Design an effective channel mix based on customer preferences and/or using insights from historical or past engagements.
Don't: Spread your efforts too thinly across too many segments. Focus on specific channels with clear and well-defined objectives.
6. Measure what matters in Omnichannel journeys
Do: Deploy comprehensive analytics to assess the impact of engagement strategies. Leverage data to monitor relevant KPIs to measure campaign effectiveness.
Don't: Overanalyze as it may lead to analysis paralysis. In the data-rich environment, focus on tracking Input KPIs only.
7. Set a continuous cadence loop to iterate the input measures based on the output measures
Do: Utilize data-driven insights to fuel execution. This ensures optimal allocation of resources and maximizes ROI.
Don't: Evaluate channels in isolation. Look at the holistic omnichannel paradigm to make decisions on channel spends.
8. Test, learn, and optimize on the go
Do: Recognize that brand planning is a continuous cycle. Regularly update your strategies based on new data, market trends, and changes in HCP behavior and preferences.
Don't: Treat brand planning as a one-time exercise. The market is constantly changing, and flexibility is key to staying relevant.
9. Use technology to drive personalization of services
Do: Leverage advanced analytics and AI to personalize your messages and offerings. Tailored content resonates more deeply and is more likely to engage and convert.
Don't: Overlook the power of personalization. Generic messages are less effective and can lead to disengagement from your target audience.
By following these dos and don'ts and leveraging Indegene’s comprehensive Omnichannel Activation solution, brands can ensure they are reaching and engaging their audiences effectively, measuring impact accurately, and continuously refining their strategies for maximum success. By embracing the brand planning journey as an iterative, responsive process that evolves with your audience and the market you can stay ahead of the curve, foster stronger relationships with healthcare professionals, and drive meaningful outcomes in an increasingly competitive landscape.


Gurpinder Singh
Gurpinder Singh

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