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A leading pharma takes a major leap toward digital accessibility for people with disabilities with Indegene

Weaving accessibility and inclusivity into your design strategy not only breaks down barriers but also builds bridges in the digital world—ensuring that every individual regardless of their abilities can navigate, interact, and benefit from digital products and services.
Conventionally, digital solutions have been designed with a one-size-fits-all approach, inadvertently excluding people with disabilities and hindering their ability to use the technology. However, factors such as legislative mandates, technological advancements, and advocacy initiatives are driving accessibility in design, and it is not only good for people but also great for businesses.
Designing for all: Are you meeting the mark?
For many life sciences organizations, accessible design is still not a priority—primarily because they are unaware of the hidden opportunities and potential risks.
More than 4,500 ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)-related digital accessibility law suits filed in 20231
$ 6.9 billion
Annual losses for companies with inaccessible website and digital solutions2

Of the global population with some form of disability, representing potential audience that should be served3

$ 490 billion

Purchasing power of working-age adults with disabilities4

$ 75,000

Fine for each infraction, with additional breaches reaching $150,0005

Although the needle is moving toward digital inclusivity, there is more to be accomplished. This brings us to the part where Indegene empowered one of the major pharmaceutical companies to achieve their digital accessibility goals, marrying awareness with action.
The Customer
A Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company wanted to undertake digital accessibility transformation by building a robust framework and governance model to guide its policies and practices. It also wanted to train its personnel on accessibility best practices, so they not only embrace a mindset of inclusivity but are also well-equipped to deliver innovative accessibility solutions, in alignment with WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).
In addition, the company wanted to proactively meet legal requirements, demonstrating its commitment to accessibility, inclusivity, and social responsibility.
However, it came with its own set of challenges.
The Challenges
Untapped target market
The digital offerings of the company were not accessible and inclusive. This had inadvertently excluded a critical segment of the user base, limiting the ability of their customers to engage with their solutions effectively.
Skill and awareness gap
The company experienced a lack of awareness and specialized skills on accessibility standards among its team, hampering its ability to deliver universally accessible digital products.
Undefined accessibility processes and standards
The absence of clearly defined accessibility processes, guidelines, and best practices further complicated the path to inclusivity.
How Indegene paved the way for better, accessible digital solutions
Defined and executed accessibility audit methods. Utilized automated, manual, assistive/adaptive, and user testing methods.
Violations recorded: >16,000
Webpages: audited >600
Website audited: 25
Synchronized media audited: >30
Digital documents audited: >180
Defined toolkit, plugins, extensions, and assistive or adaptive technology to make products accessible, as well as key performance indicators to measure the success of products
Created role-specific playbooks, guidelines, standard processes, and best practices along with training materials to build team expertise
Processes and best practice documents created: 20
Lifecycle document created: 1
Playbooks created: 13
Collaborated with agency of records, the customer and its partner to implement the remediation suggestions
Design components remediated: >3400
Lines of code remediated: >12,200
Content pieces remediated: >400
PDFs remediated: 180
Conducted workshops, focused training sessions, and readout sessions for the team. Carried out interviews to evaluate the accessibility maturity level of the resources.
Readouts conducted: >20
Workshops conducted: 4
Trainings conducted: >12
>95% accessibility health score
indicated a strong adherence to accessibility standards, making solutions usable for people with disabilities
ADA and WCG compliant digital solutions
enabled usability and accessibility for a wider audience, fostering a more inclusive digital environment
Mobile-friendly and responsive design

ensured that digital products are optimized across various devices, providing a seamless user experience

Beyond these tangible outcomes, the most significant shift has been in the mindset of the company toward accessibility—accessibility evolved from being an afterthought to a fundamental aspect of their design process. By integrating accessibility and inclusivity into the DNA of their digital product lifecycle, the company has paved the way for a more accessible digital world.
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