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A top 10 pharma company benchmarks and prioritizes CX investments ​

The Customer

A global pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Europe, engages in R&D, manufacturing and marketing prescription drugs but also OTC medications. They specialize in a number of therapeutic areas including Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Central Nervous System and Vaccines.


  • Inconsistent customer digital experiences across the company​

    Lack of clarity on how to drive digital performance uplift​

    Mixed level of maturity of digital assets across channels and markets. Huge number of assets creating fragmented customer experiences​

The Solution

DT Consulting - an Indegene company, undertook a rigorous 6-month engagement that included the development of a weighted scorecard to assess individual digital assets. It helped scan the digital landscape and create a comprehensive assessment of the client and wider competitions capabilities by asset and market for the company and competition.

It also developed a methodology driven by HCP and patient preferences as a result of customer research, assessing the assets for customer focus. This provided the client with a detailed evaluation at a global and a market level with recommendations and cases to activate insights into actions.


The client is able to recommend based on benchmark setting for improvement of point processes and the unification of assets to provide more cohesive customer journeys. It led to consolidation and decommissioning of underutilized assets.

The client can look forward to insights-driven crafting of a detailed digital strategy and move towards an integrated web approach, focused on improving content strategy by making information easier to consume, design personas and optimize investment in social media and mobile applications, and drive customer experiences for the future.