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An orphan drugmaker increases its market size by 40% with Indegene Analytics​

The Customer

A leading global pharmaceutical company wanted to boost brand performance and increase market share for its rare disease drug. What it needed to succeed was quick access to data and insights.


  • Limited access to data for identifying patients who were at risk, lowering the company’s chances of capturing an untapped market​

    Limited visibility on diagnosed and treated patients across HCPs – crucial data to improve brand performance​

The Solution

Indegene created a unique list of HCPs using patient information from IQVIA LAAD, Symphony, and CareSet. We established over 50 parameters (based on pre-defined business rules) to identify diagnosed, treated, and at-risk patients. We then automated the process, updating metric counts at an HCP level in real-time. This data was made accessible to all stakeholders on a single dashboard.


With an automated process in place, the company had faster access to HCP and patient insights every week, enabling them to act swiftly, increase brand awareness and adoption among HCPs and payers, and eventually improve performance at scale.

~40% ↑

Patient pool

~90% ↑

Claims coverage


Speed to insights

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