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Indegene and Tealium enable personalized healthcare professional (HCP) journeys for a global pharma major

Indegene and Tealium employ a comprehensive multiphased customer data platform (CDP) approach to provide personalized communications, enhancing engagement and outcomes for HCPs

The Customer

A global pharmaceutical organization wanted to provide a personalized experience for healthcare professionals (HCPs) and fortify its marketing technology ecosystem for future market shifts. They were currently functioning within a fragmented environment and targeting a broad segment of HCPs.


  • Siloed Customer Data Customer information was stored in different digital systems, which resulted in the lack of a holistic customer view. The fragmented information included data such as website and email interaction histories, offline interaction details, and prescription data.

    Nonpersonalized Customer Journeys: Customer journeys were unidimensional and lacked personalization, with untracked content preferences across different marketing channels. This resulted in a lack of understanding of customer preferences and behavior.

    Lack of Real-time Insights: The organization was unable to capture real-time insights of their HCP audience, resulting in missed opportunities for optimizing campaigns and tailoring communications to their needs.

The Solution

Indegene and Tealium implemented a bespoke, multiphased customer data platform (CDP) solution that facilitated personalized communications, enhancing engagement and outcomes for HCPs. Our solution incorporated the following features:

CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance while capturing and managing HCP data

Dynamic segmentation based on content affinity and channel preferences

Automated and near real-time downstream triggers (email, CRM) to support operations for 10+ brands in the United States (US) and European Union (EU)

Crafting Personalized HCP Journeys: A Distinctive Approach by Indegene and Tealium

Indegene and Tealium employ a comprehensive multiphased customer data platform (CDP) approach to provide personalized communications, enhancing engagement and outcomes for HCPs

Planning and Strategy

Indegene devised a comprehensive approach for defining business outcomes–focused use cases by collaborating with the client’s marketing team. This included making strategic decisions such as the selection of channels for inbound and outbound communications and determining the business logic for segmentation. A data feasibility assessment was also conducted to evaluate the current readiness for the implementation of unique identifiers and content attributes.

Tealium CDP Integration and Configuration

Subsequently, Indegene integrated and configured Tealium’s CDP to facilitate inbound integrations with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), Tealium iQ, and Redshift, as well as outbound integrations with SFMC and Veeva Suggestions. Once these integrations were established, Indegene configured the attributes and connectors in the Tealium CDP.

Business Rules and Personalized Journeys

Indegene also set up business and audience activation rules, including badge identification and segmentation, and activated personalized journeys through downstream activation using SFMC and Veeva Suggestions.
Once the solution was set up and tested in the US market, it was then rolled out to support the organization’s other brands in an additional 10+ EU markets.


The client was able to achieve a better understanding of the digital behavior of their HCP audience, and their content and channel preferences. Our joint solution also enabled the marketing team to activate personalized journeys for segmented HCPs over a preferred channel mix, resulting in a significant increase in conversion events over website and email in the US market.


increase in website conversions


increase in email open rate

1.5 weeks

rapid time-to-market for new brands

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