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Indegene helps a pharmaceutical organization achieve a 17% increase in organic traffic and a 46% increase in page 1 keyword growth

The Customer
A large pharmaceutical organization was facing tough competition from other brands in organic search. The organization wanted to build online engagement, attract new users, standout from the competition, and prevent seasonal declines in engagement for their product website targeting US residents seeking information on vaccines. The organization engaged Indegene to address these needs and improve its search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.


Seasonality was causing declines in organic website traffic, which posed challenges for the organization.
The organization faced difficulties in attracting new users to the brand and achieving its business goals.
There were difficulties in increasing its organic traffic share and keyword rankings for advanced features such as featured snippets and rich snippets.
There was increased competition, making it difficult to maintain a top position in Google Search.

The Solution

To overcome seasonal declines in organic website traffic, Indegene strategized and executed extensive keyword research and provided suggestions for optimizing keywords and creating new content.
Indegene examined user search patterns during the offseason to identify gaps in the current content.
Indegene performed in-depth data analysis and competitor analysis and identified the technical factors responsible for the low performance of the website.
Indegene recommended on-page fixes such as meta tags, image alt tags, header tag recommendation, and so on.


The organization successfully increased organic traffic to its website and improved keyword rankings by effectively optimizing their pharma SEO strategy, with the improvement in online engagement resulting in a substantial growth in new users. Indegene’s strategic recommendations and proven commercial solutions for pharma not only enhanced the product’s online visibility but also helped it stand out from the competition.
increase in organic traffic
increase in keyword rankings in Page 1 of Google Search

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