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Indegene’s NEXT Campaign Collaboration transforms campaign planning for a leading European life sciences company

The Customer
A life sciences company with operations primarily focused within the European Union (EU) was seeking an omnichannel campaign planning solution tailored to the geographic spread of its markets and a vast brand portfolio. Its primary aim was to facilitate the seamless creation, communication, and orchestration of campaigns, empowering campaign managers across its diverse markets to collaborate and execute campaigns better. Indegene’s NEXT Campaign Collaboration was brought in to solve the challenge of fragmented campaign planning and provide a centralized and integrated platform for streamlined campaign execution.
No single source of truth: Teams relied on Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel for campaign planning, which led to alignment difficulties and inconsistencies
Nonuniform planning process: The lack of a standardized framework led to inconsistencies in information flow and delays in strategic campaign planning.
Lack of coordination and limited visibility: Communication constraints delayed planning and led to limited visibility among managers, hindering efficient decision-making.
Fragmented customer touchpoints: Weak foundational capabilities resulted in ineffective campaign engagement.
The Solution
NEXT Campaign Collaboration provided a centralized platform for campaign planning, ensuring access to a single, reliable, and easily communicable source of truth. The platform facilitated a smooth transition from nonstandard tools to an integrated system.
The product streamlined the planning process with a standardized framework on a unified platform. leading to a significant improvement in campaign time to market.
Indegene also helped foster seamless communication among stakeholders and empowered managers to make informed decisions promptly.
NEXT Campaign Collaboration created a connected ecosystem, allowing users to create and manage campaigns on the same platform, as well as reuse previously captured metadata.
The product captured key performance indicators (KPIs) at the asset level, enabling better evaluations of campaign success.
By helping the company plan and create better targeted campaigns and streamline cross-functional initiatives, NEXT Campaign Collaboration notably improved campaign effectiveness. It also optimized metadata intake and reduced time to market with a streamlined planning process and an integrated platform. The customer experienced faster campaign execution, allowing swift responses to market demands and gaining a competitive edge. Enhanced visibility across countries and brands facilitated inspiring information exchange among managers. Moreover, the standardized framework minimized back-and-forth, ensuring meticulous campaign readiness.
uplift in campaign time to market
improved global campaign reuse