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Pharma company in EU streamlines Medical Information operations to achieve significant cost savings

Challenges and Objectives
Inconsistent customer experience globally due to lack of a structured call center in all regions to manage Medical Information and PV operations
Lack of a standard MI management system across all regions (Use of Excel in some regions vs IRMS in a few others)
Operational inefficiencies due to lack of MI analytics tracking leading to effort duplication on assets and trainings
Compliance issues around non-adherence to processes due to processes and SoPs leading to delayed or incorrect query responses and case entries
The client wanted to centralize Medical Information management to improve customer experience, drive efficiencies and improve compliance
Scope: Global HQ, US, EU, APAC, MEA, CEE and LATAM | 40+ Countries | 15+ Products | 4+ TAs
Indegene Solution
Indegene deployed a pool of Medinfo specialists using a Hybrid model thereby bringing in cost efficiencies. 24x7 support was provided over 4+ therapeutic areas, 15+ products, 40+ countries and 15+ languages with a volume of 3500+ queries annually.
The centralized team provided support services over query management and and triage, content creation, library support, literature surveillance, IRMS management, analytics and conference support
Indegene also supported with global deployment of IRMS, along with transfer of data from various existing sources from every region
Indegene also deployed a Medical Information Portal, created an Analytics dashboard and a Web application for optimal Congress query management
on time responses to the requests
First-time right quality for med info documents
Cost reduction through steady state and improved operations

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