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Global pharma improves customer experience at 50% lesser costs with revamped SRLs across 5+ therapeutic areas

A global pharma company specializing in orphan drugs to treat rare diseases company was grappling with inconsistent content in Standard Response Letters (SRLs) due to multiple vendors supporting the Medical Information function
The approach and style for writing SRLs were not defined, was affecting customer experience, and had a significant impact on costs and timelines
Indegene Solution
Indegene centralized the Medical Information operations and streamlined the processes by
Developing a content guide for creation/update of SRLs encompassing best practices on literature search and selection, hierarchy of evidence, framing responses, use of standard statements etc.
Developing a style guide and user-friendly SRL template that allowed navigation across various sections
Converting all existing letters into the new template
Collaborating with regional Medical Information departments to socialize the standard templates and for localization, translations, and co-creations.
Providing end-to-end content support: de novo/ update of global SRLs, including literature search, content creation, graphic support, copyediting, data fact check, and annotation and upload in Veeva
Scientific & referencing accuracy
Cost reduction
Timeline compliance