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US pharma prepares for product launch by simulating the competitive landscape and a counter strategy ​

The Customer

The Customer is a mid-sized US-based biopharmaceutical company focused on delivering therapies to treat targeted patient populations that are impacted by serious diseases with a high unmet medical need


The customer was preparing to launch a product in a competitive market., as part of which they were looking to:

  • Evaluate 4-6 scenarios to determine appropriate actions under certain marketplace conditions.​

    Better understand potential market evolution, competitors, and internal stakeholders’ objectives ​

    Be prepared to anticipate and counter competitive moves to create an environment more favorable to the client’s success.​

The Solution

We test drove the client’s tactical plan and messaging to receive and analyze potential competitor and payer reactions.​

We devised scenarios for the client to determine the likelihood and relative impact on the market, conducted simulation exercises with multiple teams to evaluate scenarios and market developments to devise optimal responses and actions; and developed a roadmap of expected actions and reactions of key market participants.​

We developed background materials, including competitive profiles, sample marketing plans, and complete analyses of customer groups and market conditions​


We established a programmatic evaluation process for the changing competitive landscape. The client was able to achieve consensus and confidence amongst internal stakeholders, on the launch plan. The product launch plan was used to target the competitive environment differently.