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Indegene and Acquia help a global pharmaceutical major establish a critical web infrastructure backbone and support a critical Super Bowl campaign launch

The Customer
A global pharmaceutical organization was grappling with many persistent issues with their web infrastructure, resulting in poor customer experiences. In addition, they were on the road to unveiling a high-stakes marketing campaign during the Super Bowl, intending to drive substantial traffic to their website. This required addressing various web infrastructure challenges in time for launch.
To manage these challenges, the company turned to Indegene and Acquia to more effectively manage and optimize its website infrastructure and stack usage, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.
Inefficient and unscalable systems: The existing infrastructure of the organization was not easily scalable to accommodate peak surges, and stack usage inefficiencies were a drain on resources.
Unplanned overages: Current, non-peak page views and traffic regularly exceeded limits, leading to costly overages.
Unoptimized performance: The poor performance of applications and issues with caching led to problems with page load times. In addition, bandwidth and network-related issues negatively impacted server response times.
Production, deployment, and post-production issues: The Indegene and Acquia teams faced several issues when analyzing the existing systems of the organization. For example, developers found that they were unable to access data logs to pinpoint and troubleshoot critical issues, and that campaign URLs stripped query parameters, causing issues with non-standard HTTPS redirects.
The Solution
Advanced review and analysis: Indegene and Acquia reviewed the overall technology ecosystem of the organization, paying particular attention to existing issues related to cloud platform scalability and security impact. Performance monitoring tools and site audit modules were used to identify potential problems that impacted page load times.
Technical consulting, strategy implementation, and optimization: Indegene and Acquia experts planned and implemented an optimized caching strategy that resolved issues with page caching, view caching, and cache API, and enabled Varnish & Nginx caching. Optimizations to bandwidth and hosting infrastructure in terms of server scaling and integrating with the Amazon S3 bucket helped to avoid issues related to traffic surges and server loads.
Infrastructure monitoring and security: Indegene and Acquia provided infrastructure and security monitoring, as well as high-traffic event support, that helped in reducing website network failure and outages.
Specialist professional services and support: The partnership allowed easier troubleshooting of critical issues on the fly as well as any deployment complexities. This included providing valuable strategic guidance and troubleshooting Drupal and Acquia products to rapidly maximize results and hit campaign launch goals.
Indegene and Acquia were able to improve the application efficiency of the organization to the point that its code runs at a top-tier level on Acquia Site Factory, providing the organization with a quality hosted Drupal experience. In addition, Indegene and Acquia experts were able to successfully scale up the platform infrastructure to handle five to six million hits for seven hours during the Super Bowl commercial ad launch. The consulting and technical skills of the team also resulted in overall performance optimization, which contributed to the success of the campaign.
5-7 million
hits at peak

additional user capacity


increase in organic traffic

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