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Indegene boosts organic e-commerce traffic by 30% for global pharmaceutical leader

The Customer

A leading global pharmaceutical organization was looking to increase search visibility, boost organic traffic, and improve sales for their e-commerce website targeted at healthcare professionals (HCPs). The website was designed to meet the needs of HCPs seeking pharmaceutical products such as medicines, vaccines, and other medical supplies.


Increasing the share of organic traffic for e-commerce website as part of the overall traffic acquisition strategy.
Optimizing the organization’s current web architecture and online presence to better match the competition.
Navigating a sizeable and complex dataset to correct the website’s URL structure and make it search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly.
Improving the website’s search engine rankings while reducing reliance on specific traffic sources such as paid advertising and referrals.
Enhancing the overall user experience and driving conversions by overcoming technical gaps.

The Solution

Indegene conducted a comprehensive website analysis and implemented a range of technical and on-page improvements and optimizations to enhance the organization’s online presence and user experience.
The website’s architecture and navigation were enhanced, resulting in reduced page load time and better customer experiences.
Website indexability and crawlability were improved, both positively impacting the website’s search ranking.
Broken links were removed, and issues with duplicate content were addressed to improve SEO performance and the user experience.
On-page tag changes were made, which improved the website’s accessibility, crawlability, and SEO performance, in addition to amplifying the organization’s social media presence.
Indegene also conducted extensive keyword research, grouping, and page mapping to enhance the relevancy of keywords, ensuring better alignment with the searcher’s intent. This improved the click-through rate (CTR) and search engine friendliness by reducing the crawling budget and page load time.


Indegene’s tailored commercial solutions successfully resolved the pain points of the organization, leading to a website that is streamlined, competitively differentiated, and SEO−friendly. This transformation led to increased organic traffic and enhanced user engagement.
The technical and on-page fixes and optimizations significantly improved the website’s online visibility and presence. The improved website structure also successfully enhanced the user experience, crawlability, and indexability of the website, resulting in tangible business growth opportunities and increased conversation rates.


increase in organic traffic


increase in transactions


increase in page 1 ranking keywords

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