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Indegene boosts HCP engagement by 27% for a global Japanese drugmaker

The Customer

A global Japanese pharmaceutical company faced numerous challenges in analyzing the effectiveness of its HCP-targeted campaigns across the expansive EUCAN regions, including Italy, the UK, Canada, and Belgium.


Fragmented data across HCP journeys, content, and channels
Lack of clear metrics to measure the impact of campaigns
Absence of an integrated operating model, hampering campaign operations
No overarching strategy or integrated multi-channel tracking to address campaign stakeholders demands

The Solution

We implemented a multi-pronged approach that covered the following aspects.
A robust data enablement strategy underpinned by taxonomy standardization
Data warehousing to enhance the campaign operations architecture across EUCAN by establishing a centralized data management model
Digital affinity scoring models to capture HCP activity across channels
Data optimization strategies for the seamless generation of insights from diverse dataset
A personalized measurement framework that incorporates a standardized campaign tagging and data collection taxonomy
A self-service insights architecture, providing a centralized and comprehensive view of campaign performance across various channels.


HCP engagement
Cost per conversion
Captured data sets

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