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Indegene improved marketing operations for a top 10 global pharma, increasing intake efficiency by 65%

The Customer

A top 10 global pharmaceutical organization faced challenges in its campaign intake process, including gaps and quality issues, which hindered its ability to effectively run its marketing operations and execute campaigns. There were also significant inefficiencies in effectively utilizing its existing marketing automation platform (MAP), and the organization was missing out on potential benefits from leveraging additional modules.


Consistently delivering high-quality campaigns that resonated with the target audience.
Difficulties in leveraging new campaign innovations or methodologies, which led to reduced marketing effectiveness
Ineffective use of the existing marketing automation platform, hindering the ability to optimize marketing operations.
Inaccurate customer journeys resulting in disjointed customer interactions

The Solution

Indegene successfully completed a midyear transition from the prior vendor, ensuring the marketing campaign schedule remained unaffected.
As strategic consultants, we worked with the client to understand the current system and identify existing gaps and recommended process improvement
We optimized existing journeys to enhance campaign performance and create better opportunities for engagement and conversion.
We implemented automated Veeva suggestions based on healthcare professional (HCP) actions, enabling the client to target HCPs more effectively.


Indegene stepped in to help bridge the gaps, scale the current model, and help the customer in effectively optimizing their marketing operations. Our domain and technology consulting expertise helped the customer in understanding their existing MAP better and how they can leverage other additional modules to step up their existing program. New automated processes were also implemented, helping improve overall workflow efficiencies.
improvement in lead intake quality
faster time to market
increase in MAP utilization

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