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Indegene transforms marketing operations and elevates customer engagement for a global biopharma leader

The Customer
A multinational biopharmaceutical company, which is present in more than 100 countries, faced significant inefficiencies across operations, compliance, customer outreach, engagement, and marketing technology integration, all of which negatively impacted the engagement of healthcare professionals (HCPs). Moreover, strict adherence to regulatory guidelines regarding consent management was paramount, and their existing infrastructure lacked the necessary solutions to effectively tackle these challenges.
The Challenges
Legacy infrastructure: The organization struggled to manage outdated technology infrastructure and legacy systems that lacked the features needed to provide engaging and interactive customer experiences. Campaign workflows required extensive time and resources, causing delays in delivering value and launching new offerings to HCPs.
Poor customer engagement: Although the organization produced excellent content, it struggled to effectively engage HCPs compared to competitors in the market. The absence of personalized experiences, low open rates, inadequate customer support, and failure to actively seek and incorporate customer feedback all contributed to low customer engagement scores.
Technical hurdles with SFMC integration and data management: Successfully integrating Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) APIs with the digital platforms of the organization, such as Veeva CRM, necessitated a blend of technical expertise and an understanding of API functionalities and limitations. Key challenges included data synchronization, workflow automation, and performance optimization. Notably, the absence of integrations posed hurdles in effective data management of HCPs, requiring strategic solutions to streamline this aspect of the system.
Irregular and inadequate training: The employees working in the organization required skill enhancement in the areas of effective platform utilization, optimization techniques, and change management, all in an HCP-specific context.
Poor operational efficiency: The organization suffered from disjointed workflows and inefficient processes, resulting in suboptimal asset development and campaign execution. A deficiency in streamlined processes affected overall efficiency.
Poor compliance: Ensuring compliant communication and data management posed a challenge. It was critical for the organization to maintain trust, safeguard reputation, mitigate legal liabilities, and uphold data integrity while improving their email deliverability and overall customer engagement.
The Solution
New compliance, data management, and integration capabilities: The Indegene team placed a strong focus on stringent compliance with healthcare regulations. This involved managing HCP consent and seamlessly integrating diverse data sources to enhance profiles within SFMC. The team conducted a detailed analysis and implemented General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines within SFMC, which played a pivotal role in resolving compliance issues.
Seamless processes and workflows: To foster efficiency, collaboration, and brand consistency, the Indegene team devised and executed streamlined campaign processes and workflows. This initiative effectively optimized the demand intake process and facilitated end-to-end workflows for seamless campaign execution. These updated workflows significantly improved campaign performance, providing the organization with a competitive market advantage.
Omnichannel campaign orchestration capabilities: To facilitate targeted and personalized communication, the Indegene team analyzed and segmented the HCP user base of the organization, orchestrated seamless omnichannel campaigns, and closely monitored their impact on key performance indicators (KPIs). These strategic adjustments resulted in stronger engagement and enhanced customer experiences.
Interactive content development: The Indegene team created customized content for HCPs that helped increase relevance, enrich learning experiences, enhance information retention, facilitate decision- making, and improve data collection and insights.
Consulting, scaling, and support: The Indegene team organized ongoing customized trainings, shared best practices, and supported flexible scaling, ensuring that all stakeholder teams within the organization were equipped with necessary skills to effectively leverage SFMC to orchestrate complex campaigns for HCPs and can be effectively scaled when required.
AI-enabled campaigns model to optimize send times resulting in high open rates: To enhance open rates, the Indegene team used AI models as an advanced strategy to optimize email send times. This approach resulted in increased engagement and interaction from HCPs.
Indegene’s experts implemented a comprehensive set of enhancements to the marketing operations of the organization. This included refining campaign processes, seamlessly integrating with SFMC, and executing multichannel campaigns. As a result, the organization experienced increased engagement, improved customer experiences, and higher open rates. These improvements led to better optimized campaigns that led to meeting the organizational goals and a substantial rise in overall digital asset engagement, validating the effectiveness of our innovative strategies – including the use of AI models to optimize email send times.

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