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Multinational biopharma company activates insights-driven decisions using unified Medical Affairs dashboard

The Customer

A multinational biopharmaceutical company that focuses primarily on research and development, specifically involving medications centered on epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, and Crohn's disease


Minimal to no visibility of MA operations for Leadership. The team faced challenges in
Deriving actionable insights and making data-driven insights
Monitoring progress and identifying patterns for effective planning
Problem-solving had always been a reactive measure and issues were not identified ahead

The Solution

Indegene’s expert team conceptualized and implemented a seamless and simple dashboard for a single, unified view of performance of various medical affairs activities across the organization globally, enabling leadership team to make significant strategic decisions. Our solution integrated various data sources and enabled:
Proactive insights identification and data-driven planning
Adaptation and change in the strategy based on the market trends and insights. (e.g. planning of medical education program for a region where there is repeat & higher percentage of enquiries)
Improved social interactions, monitoring of publications and overall share of voice in the market
Measuring the impact of the medical organization to overall strategy
Preparedness for the future omnichannel communications


The multinational biopharmaceutical company overcame challenges of minimal operational visibility by implementing a unified Medical Affairs dashboard. This solution provided leadership with actionable insights and facilitated data-driven decision-making. With proactive identification of insights, the company could adapt strategies based on market trends swiftly. The dashboard enabled improved social interactions monitoring, publication tracking, and overall market share assessment. By measuring the impact of medical organization on overall strategy and preparing for future omnichannel communications, the company achieved 2x faster high-quality insights reporting, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and strategic agility in the competitive pharmaceutical landscape.
Tracking and measuring right KPIs
Insights driven decision making
2X Faster high-quality insights reporting

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