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Medical Device giant earns 18% increase in revenue with Indegene’s holistic Integrated Delivery Network strategy​

The Customer

A top 10 Medical device manufacturer with a strong foothold in the cardiovascular market wanted to bolster its business in the US by better engaging stakeholders across its Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) accounts.


In order to succeed, the medical device manufacturer needed to:

  • Better understand where the IDNs were most active and then focus efforts based on the engagement potential​

    Effectively profile key decision makers within the identified IDNs, and engage them based on their channel preference, online presence, influence network, and so on​​

The Solution

Setup: We first deployed a customized cloud-based CRM ecosystem that supports data ingestion, cleaning, standardization, and consolidation to get complete profiling data​

Collect: We aggregated IDN and stakeholder information from multiple sources onto the CRM platform​

Sort: We leveraged client data inputs and Indegene’s digital data IP using machine learning techniques to create target segments and define final archetypes​

Map: We created a network of influencer, decision-makers, and end-users by segmenting relevant stakeholders under various groups​

Pinpoint: We enabled access to information stored in the CRM database for use in downstream customer segmentation, personalization of customer journeys and content, and broader sales and marketing initiatives​

Measure: We designed KPIs and dashboards to enable users to effortlessly search and view stakeholders with corresponding affiliations and to track the marketing impact index on an ongoing basis​


↑ 18%


↑ 30%

Satisfaction score


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*KAM: Key Account Management

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