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Indegene transforms global content operations for global top-10 pharma to power commercial success

In an era of expansive portfolios and global operations, biopharmaceutical companies face the challenge of catering to a discerning audience who are knowledgeable, digitally savvy, and have immediate access to a wide range of choices and options. Catering to them spans far beyond just providing innovative products and services. They seek differentiated and memorable customer experiences on a grand scale. So, how can organizations rise to the occasion and meet the needs of their audience?
By devising and implementing a powerful omnichannel strategy, organizations can improve customer experience by driving consistency, personalization, and accessibility across various channels and touchpoints, bolstering customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business success.
Empowering a global pharma leader: Enhancing customer experience at scale
One such global pharma company, boasting a diverse portfolio covering multiple therapeutic areas such as oncology, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, infection, neuroscience, respiratory, and inflammation, sought a strategic commercialization partner who could streamline and scale their commercial operations and enable the delivery of a superior customer experience across geographies, regions, and markets.
Over the past 8 years, Indegene has been the catalyst in transforming their global commercial value chain- starting off with streamlining global content operations and instituting a technology-led modular content infrastructure to integrating omnichannel operations powering high-performing campaigns. This transformation was not just about achieving significant cost and time efficiencies, but also enabling the delivery of personalized content and campaigns that resonated with their target audience, maintaining a consistent brand identity across geographies.
Here is a glimpse of our journey with them.
Streamlined global content operations for efficiency and scalability
With operations in over 100 countries, the client’s content operations were disjointed, non-standardized, and static, with multiple vendors across geographies adding further complexity to the situation. This resulted in limited content reuse, substantial cost implications, and a substandard customer experience. In the first year of our partnership, we worked on overhauling their content operations by identifying gaps and defining solutions to fulfill them, streamlining workflows, upgrading the technology architecture, and implementing robust change management mechanisms for a smooth transition.
Efficient content glocalization to drive consistent and personalized messaging
Having streamlined the global content operations for the client, we moved on to our next goal – scalable content glocalization. A global-to-local content supply chain maintains a consistent global brand presence while allowing for customization at the regional or local level to suit linguistic, cultural, and regulatory norms. We empowered the client to achieve efficient content glocalization through:
DAMS implementation
We set up a centralized and technology-enabled digital asset management system (DAMS), streamlining their asset curation, creation, and repurposing processes. We facilitated global-regional-local stakeholders’ alignment and governance-based definitions. We also provided asset analytics for all asset creation, repurposing, and distribution processes across the organization.
Decoupled content production
A decoupled content approach separates the content strategy process from the front-end delivery of content. By decoupling content production, we enabled the client to free up marketer bandwidth, allowing them to focus on devising a robust content strategy and managing budgets effectively while driving content reusability, standardization, and transcreation. This approach streamlined content creation and management, ensuring agility in adapting to changing content requirements across channels, markets, and geographies.
AoR optimization
Fragmented processes and limited transparency hampered the performance of regional agencies (Agency of Record), resulting in poor content localization and subpar customer engagement. We defined an explicit scope of work, enforced playbooks, streamlined workflows, set up asset verification checkpoints, and implemented robust performance analytics. This enabled AoR optimization, driving effective content localization while maximizing the value received on marketing investments.
Internal creative studio services
We assisted the client in establishing an internal creative studio, acting as an internal creative agency. This helped brands and regional teams create a multitude of properties like PowerPoint presentations, videos, websites, etc, quickly and at scale.
Omnichannel strategy and implementation to drive customer experience success
With customers using diverse channels to interact with life sciences companies, devising, implementing, and scaling an efficient omnichannel strategy has become vital. Indegene helped the client realize their omnichannel ambitions by:
Enabling modular content
We helped devise and assimilate the right technology setup to drive content modularization. Modular content powers omnichannel implementation by providing the necessary building blocks to adapt and tailor content for various touchpoints across channels cohesively and efficiently.
Facilitating omnichannel expansion
To streamline and scale their omnichannel campaign operations across geographies and markets, Indegene helped institute self-sufficient and cross-functional regional PODs or Product Oriented Delivery centers that powered agile omnichannel strategy and implementation.
Expanding E2E campaign support
Indegene extended E2E campaign services, including strategy, website content support, and data operations, to ensure the delivery and optimization of high-performing omnichannel campaigns that resonated with the target audience.
Impact delivered: Indegene enabled a future-ready content supply chain that could withstand the dynamicity of customer demands
Over the past 8 years, Indegene has transcended from being a tactical ally to a truly strategic partner, supporting the client in their journey toward global omnichannel excellence. Leveraging our deep domain expertise and technology-driven omnichannel content production capabilities, we helped the customer to standardize and scale a future-ready content supply chain. This empowered them to service 60+ markets, 30+ brands, and 15+ channels, delivering a superior customer experience at scale.
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What lies ahead
Indegene has been chosen to provide ongoing support on consolidating omnichannel marketing operations. We are also supporting the client to integrate medical engagement operations and optimize salesforce operations to support their growth trajectory and drive overall business excellence.